Unified Communications

Work Anywhere, From Any Device, With Anybody

Zultys delivers an easy-to-use, secure, and reliable Unified Communications platform designed to streamline all forms of communication and increase productivity for businesses of all sizes.

This single-pane-of-glass solution allows teams to collaborate from anywhere and on any device with tools like call center integration, SMS texting, group chat, web conferencing, screen sharing, file and image sharing, video calling, integrated fax, and more, all from a single intuitive interface.

Zultys Advanced Communicator (ZAC) users have the option of both client- and browser-based applications, utilizing Web RTC technology and allowing you a choice in the way that you set up and utilize the system. This integrated architecture allows users to seamlessly handle all types of customer communications in one easy-to-use platform.

The Power of Smarter Communications

Businesses today need their employees to stay productive and connected as the workplace evolves. Whether your staff is working completely remote, in the office, or turning into a hybrid of both, Zultys offers a complete all-in-one system solution, including applications for desktop, web-based, and mobile users and an Integrated Contact Center.

Zultys is the only UC provider that delivers the exact same product, interface, and user experience across its on-premise, virtual, and hosted deployments, regardless of system type or customer size, and the system supports between five and 20,000+ users.

Always on the Cutting Edge

Founded in 2006 as a pioneer in VoIP technology, Zultys has been growing with constant innovation for over 20 years, establishing itself as a financially strong, stable, market-leading company in the Unified Communications industry and continually reinvesting in its technology and growth.

We have a direct line to Zultys and their incredible engineering team, and your valuable end user feedback is incorporated into every advancement and upgrade that they make to their platform. This ensures that customers always have the features that matter most to them at their fingertips.